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Insomnia Dublin – Rocket League Ireland 3v3 LAN

  • To register for the Insomnia Dublin Rocket League tournament you must purchase a Rocket League Esports Ticket for Insomnia Dublin. The cost per player is €30.00 including all taxes and charges – this ticket also provides access to Insomnia Dublin Games Festival on Saturday November 9th.  A limited number of Rocket League tickets will be released shortly – keep an eye on our Twitter page for updates. 
  • The prize pool for the Rocket League tournament is as follows: 
  • First Prize  
  • €300.00 Cash AND Priority Weekend Tickets + Camping to Insomnia 66 at The NEC Birmingham in March 2020. Total value over €800.00.
  • Second Prize
  • €300.00 Cash 
  • Third Prize
  •  €150.00 Cash 
  • Rules 
  • 1. Format is 3v3 (Standard). You must sign up with your teammates. You must have a minimum of 3 players on a roster.
  • 2. Every player must check in with the tournament Admin at the start of the day before 10am as this is when the tournament starts.
  • 3. Server Names & Passwords will be provided for each match by the tournament Admin.
  • 4. Tournament Admin will decide which team creates the match(generally higher seed).
  • 5. In case of disputes screenshots must be taken and shown to an admin or a mod. 
  • 6. If any disconnects/lag happen and the score is 0-0 with less than a minute gone a reset can happen. Otherwise you have to play on for this match. Pauses may happen at the discretion of the tournament Admin.
  • 7. You will be Disqualified from a match if you do not check in with the Admin or do not show up on time on the day of the tournament
  • 8. Maps to be used are any variation of DFH, Urban Central, Beckwith Park & Mannfield including Day, Night, Stormy, Dawn, Dusk.
  • 9. Match Settings are the following.
  • Team Size: 3v3
  • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
  • Mutators: None
  • Match Time: 5 Minutes
  • Joinable By: Name/Password
  • Platform: Steam 
  • Server: LAN connection if Available, if not, Europe.

General Terms & Conditions 

  • 1. Team Rosters
  • 1.1 Each team must declare a team captain who the Admin will deal with for all official decisions and serves as the main point of contact for the team.
  • 1.2 Team names must be approved by the Admin. They must not be vulgar, offensive or racist.
  • 1.3 Roster changes will need to be approved by the tournament admin and must be a ticket holder for TOURNAMENT and a ticket holder for the tournament.
  • 1.4 The Tournament Admin reserve the right to reject, in their sole discretion, names, logos, avatars or branding that is deemed inappropriate or possibly subject to copyright infringement.
  • 1.5 It is both teams responsibility to verify the eligibility of all players playing in the match prior to starting or continuing any match play. If the hosting team starts a map with an ineligible player on their team, they are subject to penalties
  • 2. In the event of your games being streamed:
  • 2.1 If your game is being streamed, the game will be created by the casters. It is the team captains responsibility to make sure your team is aware of any streamed games.
  • 2.2 Higher seed will join team Orange.
  • 3. A team has 10 minutes after start time to show-up with the proper number of eligible players and be ready to start the match. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit. Teams are responsible for all scheduled matches.
  • 4. Each game must be reported to the Tournament Admin once the series is completed. In the case of a dispute, screenshots (or another form of evidence) must be shown.
  • 5. Verbally abusing Staff members called into a match will not be tolerated. The individual user and/or team violating this rule will be subject to being disqualified from the tournament. All team leaders are responsible for the conduct of the players on the team while interacting with Staff and are subject to penalties for abusive team players.
  • 6. We will not tolerate players or teams that cause problems , that cheat, dispute on purpose, or repeatedly abuse players. Violators will be dealt with accordingly including possible removal from the tournament.
  • 7. Mice, Keyboards and Headsets are provided and Players may bring their own peripherals along with them at their own discretion. Each players peripherals must be kept on them at all times as they cannot be left with volunteers or left around the building at any time.
  • 8. Controllers will not be provided, players must bring their own controllers and also keep them on them at all times.
  • 9. By signing up for this tournament you agree to any of your matches being live streamed.
  • 10. It is the responsibility of all the users of this tournament to know and understand the rules.
  • 11. Discord and/or teamspeak will be provided on the PCs.
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